Likert and Friday Fun combined

from Terry Flynn PhD at on September 30, 2016 at 04:15AM

Well well well. I have finally found something that qualifies both as a Friday Fun post and as something relevant to choice modelling – more potential Chinese problems with Likert scales!

The number 4 is known to be considered unlucky in some more traditional parts of Chinese society. However, I never knew that the numbers 7 and particularly 9 can mean something else entirely in Cantonese… one of the commenters said, “flaccid” is particularly implied by one of these numbers, so you can already guess the nature of the warning and discussion.


So let’s warn you yet again – Likert scales are bad m’kayyyy! Trying to make cross-cultural comparisons in particular and the need to net out any cultural effects is totally unnecessary in most instances now we have Best-Worst Scaling Case 1.

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