New Projects: Appraising the effect of local Minimum Unit Pricing in the North West of England

from Health Economics and Decision Science Blog @ ScHARR at on June 22, 2017 at 09:00AM

ScHARR have been awarded funding to carry out research for several Local Authorities in the North West of England who are interested in understanding the effect of introducing minimum unit pricing for alcohol. This is with the aim to help tackle high levels of alcohol consumption and associated problems. 

Minimum unit pricing involves a ‘floor price’ for alcohol based on the number of units sold and would mostly affect the price of very cheap alcohol sold in the off-trade. The research team, led by Professor Alan Brennan, includes members of the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group from the HEDS and Public Health sections.

Image of pints of beer
CC BY 2.0 Czarina Alegre

The National Institute for Health Research have funded the team to undertake this work with the project due to finish in September 2018.