NPC Comments on ICER’s Value Assessment Framework

from tHEORetically Speaking: The HealthEconomics.Com Blog at on June 25, 2017 at 06:20PM

The National Pharmaceutical Council said the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s recently-released value assessment framework incorporated some of its suggestions.

National Pharmaceutical Company logoIn line with its suggestions, NPC said ICER “will not implement an untested methodology to quantitatively incorporate patient and societal benefits in the assessment equations.” The institute said it intends to test a simpler process which could better assess those benefits going forward.

The institute in its framework also plans to identify low-value care throughout the health care system, and implement a section for reviews on possible cost-saving measures. The efforts reflect recommendations made by NPC.

However, NPC did take issue with some key areas in ICER’s framework, including its dedication to a more transparent model.

“As NPC stated in its comments, ICER should make its economic models fully, physically available and transparent to the point that the results can be reproduced and tested,” NPC said in a report published the same day as ICER’s framework. “If stakeholders can reproduce and understand the model, then they will be able to have more fully informed dialogues about the assessment. ICER indicated, however, that it is working toward a process to release the model after an embargoed period, and that it is making this a priority issue to address within the year. We look forward to monitoring progress in this area.”

Click here to read NPC’s full report on ICER’s value assessment framework.

NPC’s letter to ICER can be viewed by clicking here.