Where are the Democrats’ ACA fixes?

from The Incidental Economist at http://bit.ly/2tuhEQX on July 6, 2017 at 05:01PM

That’s what the Republican National Committee wants to know, putting the question in a new ad. This is one of the oldest rhetorical tricks in the book, and to be fair has been used by both sides on many issues. It’s the “When will you stop beating your wife?” tactic. It works when one only hears the question but never the answer.

These days, many hearing the question won’t even look for the answer. They’ll just assume there are no Democratic or progressive ideas to fix the ACA.

But there are. I asked for them on Twitter this morning and here’s a taste of what I got, just as of noon today:

Yeah, you have to click through and read a bit. But if you want the answer, it’s there. There are lots of ideas to fix the ACA that are not what the GOP is proposing. Nevertheless, one good tactic for diverting attention from a troubled plan is to ask where your opponent’s is. I don’t fault the RNC for trying.