Nesterly: matching student tenants to empty-nesters

from Market Design at on July 30, 2017 at 01:22PM

Helping Boomers Find Millennial Roommates
In a college town, students and older homeowners have a lot to offer each other. That’s why two urban planners built an app to bring them together.

Here’s the app: Nesterly.
"On any given night, more than 50 million bedrooms sit empty across the U.S. Many of these spare rooms belong to older homeowners whose large houses have become a burden as they age. At the same time, millions of young renters struggle to afford the high prices in areas near schools and jobs. nesterly targets both of these issues by connecting older people with extra rooms to those seeking affordable rents through unique task-housing arrangements. Renters can now pay part of their rent by helping around the house, and owners gain stability, security, and support to stay in their homes."