How many people don’t have any health insurance options

from Healthcare Economist at on August 7, 2017 at 05:54AM

Much of the news has claimed that the Affordable Care Act is a failure because individuals in many counties have few or even no health insurance options.  However, how many counties truly will have zero Obamacare exchange insurance options in 2018 ? The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that there are only 17 counties covering 9,595 enrolles where people would have zero insurance options.  Of these 17, 14 counties are located in Nevada, 1 in Wisconsin, 1 in Illinois and 1 in Indiana.

The Obamacare Exchanges aren’t the only problem.  Even more counties are left with no Medicare Advantage plan choices.  While Medicare enrollees can always use traditional Medicare fee-for-service plan, there are many more counties that don’t offer an MA plan. Kaiser Family Foundation again reports that there are 140 counties with no Medicare Advantage plan offered.  Most of these counties are located in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, inland California, and Nebraska.  Further, there are no Medicare Advantage plans in Alaska.

Thus, access to plan choice is not only an issue for Obamacare Exchanges but also for Medicare Advantage.  Despite this worry, most individuals in densely populated cities have a number of insurance options; many individuals in more rural areas, however, have much fewer health insurance choices.