Why Don’t Americans Eat Horse?

from Market Design at http://bit.ly/2C1fxrg on December 31, 2017 at 01:50PM From Eater.com, a long interesting summary ofWhy Don’t Americans Eat Horse?The red meat is common in many cultures, but rarely makes it on menus in the U.S. by Tim Forster "Killing horses isn’t technically banned in the U.S.; variations on an outright horse slaughter […]

Law Review submissions

from Market Design at http://bit.ly/2zPBXcT on December 30, 2017 at 01:03PM Law reviews, often among the most prestigious publications for law professors, are unusual in a number of respects.*  They are edited by students. And they allow multiple submissions: a paper may be simultaneously submitted to many journals, which respond with exploding offers of acceptances. […]