Kidney dialysis on the California Ballot?

from Market Design at on March 30, 2018 at 01:54PM

An Orange County Register op-ed discusses a likely referendum to control dialysis costs, and some better proposals…

How to help the 18,000 Californians who need kidney transplants

"The Kidney Dialysis Patient Protection Act, which is likely to appear on the state’s November ballot, is a well-intentioned but inefficient way for California voters to help dialysis patients.  The initiative would try to restrain kidneMy dialysis costs by limiting the profit margins of dialysis corporations to 15 percent. The group has collected more than 450,000 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot and will soon submit them to election officials. A much better policy option, however, is to encourage more kidney donations, which save lives and get patients off dialysis once and for all…"

"Kurt Schuler, a kidney donor, lives in Virginia and belongs to the Organ Reform Group and Network. Marc Joffe is a senior policy analyst at Reason Foundation."

HT: Frank McCormick