Paying for Digital Health: Payer Insights

from tHEORetically Speaking: The HealthEconomics.Com Blog at on May 31, 2018 at 03:30PM

Digital technology is revolutionizing health care from advanced electronic medical records and telemedicine to emerging technologies such as smart pills/inhalers and 3D dose printing.

Great stuff, but payers are only interested in value. Where there is evidence that digital technology delivers lower costs by minimizing hospitalization, reducing waste and improving patient adherence and outcomes, then payers are on board. “Nice to have” technology, has no place. What does this mean for pharma? What digital technologies will influence payers? What role and contribution would payers like pharma to make?

To answer these key questions we interviewed eight US and European payer experts to reveal in Paying for Digital Health – Payer Insights the specific technologies, funding strategies and operational drivers that are shaping payer attitudes.

Payers explore the digital landscape

  • What digital technologies do payers want and why?
  • How will funding models need to change to make digital health technologies widely available to patients?
  • What challenges does 3D dose printing technology need to overcome to gain payer support?
  • How useful do payers think the information collected by smart pills or inhalers will be in terms of improving patient engagement, compliance and outcomes?
  • What real-world evidence will future digital devices need in order to be adopted and reimbursed in the health care setting?
  • How important will it be for manufacturers to ensure that data collection is fully integrated with existing health systems so that HCPs can easily access data for patient care?
  • Technology partnering is critical for Pharma, but with whom and for what?

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