ISMPP Slates Webinar on Publication Planning Professionals, HCEI Exchange

from tHEORetically Speaking: The HealthEconomics.Com Blog at on June 28, 2018 at 04:16PM

An upcoming webinar by the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) will focus on recent Food and Drug Administration rulings and federal regulations that are having a significant impact for HCEI content.

The exclusive webinar is scheduled to begin 11 a.m. EST July 18. Only ISMPP members will be e-mailed a link to register for the webinar.

According to an email, the web event will “provide an historic overview on the evolving role of HCEI and illustrate how our industry is at an important point of transition as it pertains to the ability to disseminate HCEI content.

Slated to speak during the webinar are:

  • Tom Drake, ISMPP CMPPTM, Global Outcomes Group;
  • Peter Fendt, Celgene; and
  • Brian Ung, Celgene.

For more information about ISMPP, click here to visit its website.