Dr Paul Tappenden as Guest Editor on themed issue of PharmacoEconomics – ‘Improving transparency in decision models’

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Dr Paul Tappenden

Dr Paul Tappenden has taken on the role of Guest Editor for a themed issue of PharmacoEconomics on the topic of improving transparency in decision models. Details of the call are available here – https://adisintouch.com/2018/07/12/pec-cfp-july18/

PharmacoEconomics invites the submission of papers (original research, reviews and opinion pieces) on improving transparency in decision models for a themed issue of the journal to be published in 2019. Dr Tappenden will be joined by fellow guest editor Jaime Caro (London School of Economics and McGill University). We encourage papers from the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders including methodologists, payers, health technology assessment bodies, analysts, pharmaceutical industry, advocacy groups and software developers. Country-specific perspectives are also encouraged. Papers can be either methodological or applied.

Topics of interest include:
Why the need for change?
Advantages and disadvantages of transparency
What would an ideal world look like?
Challenges and solutions in moving to a more transparent world
Current open source and transparency initiatives
Software programs and hosting platforms
Economic evaluations using open source models
Methods and techniques for transparent model programming (e.g. housekeeping, colour coding, separating inputs, calculations and outputs, breaking up formulae, other approaches)
Protecting intellectual property rights and funding in an open source world
Please submit an abstract describing your proposed paper by September 30th, 2018 to chris.carswell@springer.com. Full papers will be invited by October 30th 2018 and manuscripts due early 2019.

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