In Italy, a proposal to tax brides whose dresses are too skimpy

from Market Design at on September 29, 2018 at 01:35PM

Nico Lacetera, who has a fine eye for repugnant transactions, points me to a proposal involving repugnance from several points of view:

Venezia, una tassa sulla scollatura della sposa
G-translate: Venice, a fee on the neckline of the bride

"The initiative comes from the parish priest don Cristiano Bobbo, from the community of Oriago and Cà Sabbioni, near Mestre. "We could create a sort of offer to be redeemed in proportion to the decency of the bride’s dress, which very often presents itself vulgar and vulgar. So those who are more undressed pay more ", wrote the parish priest in his column on the newsletter" La voce della riviera "