Website of the month for January

from Health Economics and Decision Science Blog @ ScHARR at on January 31, 2019 at 07:00AM

We’ve sneaked this month’s website of the month in on the very last day of the month, but it was well worth waiting for. HEDS very own Senior Research Fellow Colin Angus has picked as a website you should know about.

Colin wrote the following review.If your latest paper or HTA report could do with the addition of some funky graphs, then is a brilliant resource. You can upload a csv file or even just paste data from Excel directly into the interface, and in a few clicks you can create a wide range of different charts, including a few slightly more unusual options which can be a real pain to cobble together in Excel. There is also an excellent map option which is amazing if you haven’t got the mad GIS skills you otherwise need to create beautiful chloropleth maps.

Image of website
As an added bonus, the website also hosts an excellent and very accessible blog, which covers topics like tips on choosing colours, including which colours you should use to represent gender and a series of tips for creating great stacked barline, area and pie charts as well as lovely maps. These are well worth a read, even if you never use the website to draw your charts (because you love Excel too much, or are some kind of ninja with ggplot).
It’s worth noting that there are several other, similar websites out there which will draw nice graphs for you. There’s a handy overview of some of them here.