New Framework Addresses Affordability in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for HTA

from tHEORetically Speaking: The HealthEconomics.Com Blog at on August 30, 2019 at 02:36PM

A new framework published in Value in Health proposes a new framework that addresses affordability concerns regarding cost-effectiveness analysis in health technology assessment.

The report was published in the August issue of the journal.

“We have shown in this paper that some of the concerns outlined in the literature about the conduct of conventional CEA are valid,” the author, University of York’s James Lomas said. “CEA does not typically explicitly account for the distribution of costs, nor is an appropriate ‘threshold’ used that reflects opportunity costs and how they vary for different sized budget impacts. Rather than suggesting that CEA should not reflect these matters, we here present a framework for CEA that means that the scale, time profile, and uncertainty of budget impacts do matter and are explicitly incorporated through the effects that they each have on health opportunity costs.”

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