Discussiong the pandemic with the Indian magazine Open

from Market Design at https://bit.ly/3dkZqYi on May 30, 2020 at 01:31PM

The Indian magazine Open published a brief interview with me, conducted by email:

‘Not only is wealth inequality rising, but the consequences of wealth inequality are also growing’

Here is the most interesting Q&A exchange:

"How concerned are you about the loss of jobs, especially in countries such as India where people in very low-income (informal) jobs are bearing the brunt of the lockdown? Is wealth inequality set to rise rapidly? …

"In the near term I am very concerned by the loss of jobs. Not only is wealth inequality rising as a consequence, but also the consequences of wealth inequality are growing. Prosperous office workers can work remotely and be paid, but many manual workers can’t work remotely, and aren’t being paid."