Vaccine delivery in the U.S. continues to be congested

from Market Design at on January 29, 2021 at 01:48PM

As of today, congestion is still competing with short supply to limit vaccination in the US.

Some doses are being wasted or delayed in the name of fairness,  to better honor the priority orderings being used in each state, some doses are being sequestered for second vaccinations rather than being used now for first vaccinations, and some regions and/or providers have too little vaccine on hand, or too little predictability of supply to plan efficient distribution.

 USA today has the story:

Amid sputtering COVID-19 vaccine rollout, 16 states have used less than half of distributed doses  by Ken Alltucker

"The Biden administration has vowed drug companies will make enough vaccine to immunize 300 million Americans by the end of the summer.

But getting the vaccine from the factory to the arms of people has been anything but smooth. Of 47.2 million doses shipped to states and nursing homes, 24.6 million doses have been administered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday. 

The nation’s slow rollout has boiled over from California, which tapped Blue Shield of California to allocate vaccines, to Maryland where Gov. Larry Hogan implored the federal government to send more doses of the potentially life-saving vaccine.

An Arlington, Virginia, hospital canceled 10,000 vaccine appointments, citing the state’s decision to send doses to county health departments rather than directly to hospitals and other health providers.  In Minnesota, a vaccine lottery offered just 8,000 appointments to more than 226,000 people who signed up over a 24-hour period this week."