2022 NSF/CEME Decentralization Conference on Mechanism Design, call for papers

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 2022 NSF/CEME Decentralization Conference 

 The Scope of Mechanism Design:  From Bespoke Mechanisms to General Insights


Multiple Locations  + Virtual Conference April 22-23, 2022

 Stanford University  Columbia University, University of Michigan, Plus one additional location.

Mechanism design provides a mathematical framework for deriving the implications of information and incentive constraints given an environment and an objective function.  The framework has also proven useful for analyzing institutions at a variety of scales from free markets to organ markets. The NSF/CEME Decentralization Conference provides an opportunity for deep, technical  discussions on theoretical, technical and practical aspects of mechanisms.  

The 2022 Decentralization Conference invites papers that speak to the scope of mechanism design — from bespoke mechanisms that allocate spectra, assign seats in schools, match donors to kidneys or people to jobs to more general investigations of how to apply the principles of mechanism design to build institutions to address the multiple objectives embedded in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, most notably environmental sustainability and inequality.  This last theme builds from the 2021 Conference which focused on mechanism design for vulnerable populations. 

Owing to COVID concerns and in an effort to balance travel concerns with the benefits of deeper conversations, the conference will experiment with a simultaneous, multiple location format that will be implemented as follows: we already have three sites across the country. Once we have agreed on a collection of papers, we will try to identify a fourth location near a collection of presenters.


The idea will be for speakers to either walk, drive, take trains, or fly to the nearest location.   The NBER/CEME will provide funds for meals and for speakers to travel to locations.  Interested scholars from host and neighboring cities will also be encouraged to attend in person.


Presentations will be both on Zoom and to one of the live local audiences.  Our goal will be to have four in person sites, though possibly more.  

 Submissions will be accepted until Friday, March 12th, 2022.

 The Conference Program will be announced on March 25th.

 Given the short time window, full paper submissions  are preferred, but extended abstracts will also be considered.  If you are potentially interested in hosting, contact Scott Page at scottepage@gmail.com.