obnoxious arnold people at Boots

from Terry Flynn PhD at https://bit.ly/3tewIBf on February 27, 2022 at 12:57AM

Today my elderly mother and I experienced some truly wonderful, helpful and constructive help from an employee at Boots, Arnold, Nottingham. Though I failed to note the employee’s name, she dealt with us between 12:37 and 13:13 when helping my elderly mother understand cosmetic issues, given that major manufacturers have been changing colours etc and making things difficult.

Unfortunately we also saw some rude, disgusting behaviour by a fellow customer who failed to recognise that in the COVID world, staffing problems are legion and that being rude when you’re not seen in 5 seconds is not on. Claiming that my mother was “just chatting to the employee” was wrong, disgusting and libellous.

I understand this customer is “well known” to be obnoxious. Perhaps Boots should be telling her that rude behavour is not to be tolerated. That she will be denied entry in future?